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Product details

KLEN 2201 (Aerosol)


Product Description
KLEN  2201   is  a  powerful  self  foaming  gel  spray  used  to  remove  all  kinds  of  vandalism  on  hard  surfaces.  KLEN  2201  removes  marks  caused  by  crayons,  marker  pens, ball  point  inks,  spray  paint,  shoe  polish,  masking  tape,  adhesives  and  lipstick.  Its  thick  foam  clings  to  vertical surfaces, yet is easily removable with cloth or water. 

Areas of Use
For  use  on  glazed  and  unglazed  tile,  oil-based  painted  surfaces,  
baked  enamels,  ceramics,  metal,  glass,  fibreglass,  marble  and  is  
effective even on porous surfaces.

Special Features
>> Thickened formula prevents any run down.
>> Residue easily removed with water. For better results on porous surfaces, soak
>> surface with water before spraying KLEN 2201
>> Will not spill or evaporate readily.

Directions for Use
>> Shake well before using.  
>> Spray  directly  onto  mark  from  a  distance  of  at  least  8  inches.  Allow  gel  to  foam  on  mark for several minutes.  
>> Wipe off with a cloth or flush off with a strong water spray. Repeat if necessary.For porous surfaces,  
>> First spray with water to fill pores.  
>> Shake can and spray onto the surface from a distance of at least 8 inches.  
>> Flush with a strong stream of water.  
>> For stubborn marks, use a stiff brush to agitate area before water flush. Repeat if necessary.

Avoid contact with skin. Wash with large amounts of soap and water upon contact and consult physician if irritation persists. 

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