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Product details

KLEN 2204


Product Description
KLEN 2204  is a combination of detergents and solvents that takes over the hard work of  cleaning  ovens. KLEN  2204  is  needed  whenever  cleaning  is  done:  restaurants,  hospitals, schools, efficiency apartments. It removes caked and burnt food, grease and other foods in minutes and is the safest way to clean an oven. 

Areas of Use
KLEN 2204  is applicable on a wide range of ovens, barbecue grills and waffle iron grids.

Special Features
>> Safest way to clean an oven as it does not spill harmful chemicals unto user.
>> Cleanest way. Just spray where needed.
>> Fastest way to clean an oven as compared to conventional paste type cleaners.

Directions for Use
>> Warm surfaces to be cleaned to 80°C. Then switch off the power supply.
>> KLEN 2204 is to be used as it is. Transfer product into a sprayer bottle and spray liberally onto the surfaces.
>> Allow the product to react with the surfaces for about 30 minutes.
>> Then rinse off thoroughly with water. It may be necessary to rinse twice.
>> If the accumulated carbon is too thick, repeat the above steps again.
>> Do not use on aluminium, wood or painted surfaces.
>> Rubber protective gloves should always be worn while using product.

Avoid  ingestion,  eye  and  skin  contact.  If  ingested,  do  not  induce  
vomiting,dilute by  drinking water and consult physician immediatel
y. Upon contact with eyes, flush with cool  water for  atleast 15 minutes  then  consult  physician.  Upon  contact  with  skin,  wash with large amounts of soap and water and consult physician if irritation persists. 

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