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Vileda Cleaning Cloths & Pads


Which properties do you need? High absorbency for wet surfaces? Absolutely streak-free, lint-free cleaning for glossy surfaces? Removal of grease and stubborn fingerprints in a single wipe – without chemicals?

Which method best suits your cleaning and hygiene tasks? Bucket method? Spray-cleaning system or preparation of cloths? Vileda Professional’s comprehensive range includes cloths for every need and every system, from economical semi-disposables to advanced microfibers.

Nothing cleans deep like Vileda microfibres, PVA, sponge, latex and all purpose cloths inlcuding sponge pads and cleaning accessories. One wipe removes both grease and fingerprints, with no scrubbing or drying afterwards. You save time and money, especially since you can do the job with a minimum of chemicals – or none at all.

The range of Vileda cleaning cloths and pads, include:

>> PVAmicro- It is an innovative all-purpose cloth made from microfibre fabric impregnated with PVA. The cloth is ideal for cleaning all types of hard surfaces, such as offices furniture, glass, stainless steel and many more.

The PVA impregnation makes the cloth very easy to rinse and wring. PVAmicro achieves a perfect, shiny cleaning result without streaks every time.

>> WiPro Antibacterial cloth- It is a great value-for-money cloth. It is highly absorbent and the latex cleaning pattern contains a special compound which allows the removal of even dried-on marks and stains. WiPro is durable in use and washes very well.

WiPro (antibacterial) has got antibacterial properties which prevents the growth of germs in moist condition.


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