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Kleanway Complete Mopping System


A sustainable world is possible through development of environmental awareness and mostly awareness that what surrounds us is an asset that has to be protected. To develop and to apply this concept in our daily work is a duty and a necessity. Klenco works its best to ensure that our products are manufactured in compliance with environmental rules and through the use of renewable energy sources.

Kleanway products offers a complete range of HIGH QUALITY cleaning equipment and accessories which are designed in total respect of environment and represent an optimal solution for offices,  schools, homes/HDB's, shopping centers, clinics, hospitals and airport. Each product is carefully designed by a team of professionals and technicians, able to ensure continuous innovation and development of construction technologies. It is made in Italy from the highest quality raw materials, you can expect excellent functionality and outstanding durability from KLEANWAY products.

Janitorial carts and multipurpose trolleys are available in different functionality, design, materials and provided with a wide range of accessories in orger to organize any cleaning operations. Made from virgin grade polypropylene, Kleanway sturdy mop buckets also come with heavy duty downpress wringers to provide effortless but effective squeezing of mops, and 100% rust-free castors with bumpers for easy, rugged mobility.



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