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Product details

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Typhoon SE510


>> TYPHOON SE510 is the ideal machine for cleaning padded textiles with short drying time. The machines clean by spraying a special foam on the surface to be cleaned. The dirt is then removed by vacuuming with a hand tool.
>> The machine can be used in places such as trains, buses, planes , cinemas and any other places that need cleaning on padded areas.

Standard Accessories
>> 2.5m Solution hose
>> 2.5m Vacuum hose
>> 70cm Lance with brush
>> Upholstery vacuum tool

Technical Specifications
Recovery tank capacity 14L
Solution tank capacity 14L
Tank Construction High Density Polyethylene
Vacuum Motor 1000W - 2 stages
Pump with by-pass 4 bar
Compressor 350W
Cable length 10M
Solution / Vacuum Hose 2.5M
Weight 35Kg
Dimensions (W x L x H) 32 x 55 x 86 cm