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Duplex Base 350


The Duplex Escalator Base is a compact machine for cleaning any moving escalator or mobile walkway. It can be used in dry mode for sweeping, or with a detergent solution for washing. The Duplex Escalator Base 350 is a version of the robust Duplex Floor Scrubber that has been modified to be a stationary escalator cleaner. It combines sweeping and scrubbing to attain new standards of escalator cleaning, with extra long brushes and a patented auto guide system keeps machine perfectly aliquot on all types of escalator.

Conventional escalator cleaning techniques have required the entire escalator to be dismantled and each step cleaned manually. The Duplex Escalator cleaner takes just 45 minutes to sweep and scrub the escalator without the need to dismantle.


Features and Benefits:

  • Stationary Position
  • Extra long brushes
  • Guide rail system
  • Vacuum attachment


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