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Product details

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Lava RX2-BT 55 & RX2-BT 60



  • Brush rotation: independent oil bath motor gear box.
  • Brush pressure: on-off actuator.
  • Suction: 2 stages with stainless steel fans and shaft.
  • Squeegee: automatic lift during reverse.
  • Traction: motor wheel with parallel axis, 8% climbing rate.


  • Tanks: great thickness high density polyethylene.
  • Squeegee blades: made in Latex usable on 4 sides.
  • Hoses: suction and discharge made in high resistance polyurethane.
  • Wheels: oil resistant.


  • Chassis: double treatment with galvanizing + die-casting.
  • Bearings: shielded against humidity and water seepages.
  • Bolts and nuts: made in stainless steel where there are water contact.

Electric system

  • Carbon brushes: easily changeable.
  • Boards: equipped with protective film against water and humidity.
  • Solenoid valve: with Viton membrane resistant against chemical agents.
  • Sensors: solution and recovery water level protected against accidental impacts.
  • Memory card: for machine data log.
  • Display: of great dimensions, multi-language, complete with hour counter, battery level and working programs.

Memory Card
It allows to memorize batteries charge cycles and motors absorptions.


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